Our Vision

Our Vision

To build a church unchurched people love to attend.

Our Mission

To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Structure

Based on Matthew 22:36-40 & 28:19-20; and John 10:10.

Our Belief

A Great Commitment to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) will grow a Great Church.

Our Hope

Outlined in the vision Pastor BJ wrote in Feb. 2004:


I see a church that impacts the character of Wise County & beyond, with thousands of people attending each week. A church where children come to a place that is exciting and fun as they learn about God and His love – where they beg their parents to come back week after week.

A church where students can’t wait for the weekend – not because of the big game – or a big date – but because of what God is doing in the Student Ministry of our church.

A church that produces thousands of young men and women who will become our missionaries to the world as many of them go off to college and other communities.

A church that raises up an army of fully devoted followers of Christ – many who are called to serve God in a full-time ministry. A church where families, marriages, and relationships are healed and strengthened. A church that’s bathed in prayer.

I see a church with enough land to develop a facility that can be a focal point in the County – for church, school, and community; with recreational facilities and fields that can be used for all kinds of sporting events.

A church that meets the practical needs of people; that loves like Jesus loves – by reaching out to all people regardless of their past, race, or social standing.

A church where the unchurched and lost are welcomed and experience God’s love when they walk on our campus or attend our events. A church that impacts our community with kindness.

A church that starts similar high impact churches and becomes a great missionary sending body – sending and supporting missionaries all over the world. A church of thousands of small groups that care for; encourage and bless our church family and our community.

A church that sets the pace and tone for excellence in all we do for God and His Glory, that is known for innovative and Christ honoring services that are culturally relevant. A church that becomes a training ground for young men and women who are pursuing Christ by using their musical and technical talents and abilities.

A church that sets the standard for many others to realize that God wants to do amazing things and that there are thousands of people in small towns and rural areas that are hungry for God and for a church that will encourage them to experience God.

I see a church that’s known as the “friendliest church I’ve ever attended”.

I see a church that can only be explained by saying – “God did it!”

A church that is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish a GIANT VISION IN ORDER TO HONOR AN AWESOME GOD!