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Are you interested in getting plugged into ministry? This is a question that is often asked at Grace Fellowship. “So where can you join a team?”

We have many opportunities where you can join a great team and contribution in a huge way. Check out the list and description below to see what areas you may be interested in. Our desire is for you to find the place you enjoy, the place that energizes you, and the ministry area you are created for. This is often a process. Part of this process is trying some things out. Take a few minutes, look over the ministry descriptions below and then fill out the form. You will be contacted and you will have the chance to try out the ministry area for several weeks. If this fits; great! If not, we move to the next area. Fill out the form and lets get started.

Grace Kids Elementary | This is an exciting environment for children filled with games, songs, teaching and group time. Ministry opportunities range from playing with the kids, leading groups discussions, and teaching the lesson.

First Impressions | This ministry sets the atmosphere for the Sunday morning experience. This group encompasses the team in the parking lot, greeters, cookies and coffee, and ushers.

Grace Groups | We believe relationships are vital to our spiritual journey. The group ministry opens the door for people to participate by leading a group, helping lead, or helping by hosting a group.

Grace Kids Preschool | This ministry area creates a safe and secure environment for our nursery and preschool children. The opportunities range from helping check-in children, to teaching lessons, to rocking babies and to getting on the floor and playing.

Prayer | This ministry team understands the importance and the power of prayer. Join this team and receive prayer emails throughout the week to be a part of the Grace Fellowship prayer warriors.

Grace Students | This is a very busy and exciting ministry team. They work with students from special ministry events that take place periodically to investing in a group of students on Sunday morning and/or Wednesday nights.

Worship and Creative Arts | You don’t have to know technology to lend a helping hand. Creative Arts is a great place to serve for everyone. It includes lights, camera, projection, video, audio, worship, and stage/props. We offer easy to understand, hands on training in all of these areas.

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